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Sales and Marketing should tag-team each lead! 5 of the best ways to ensure this happens:

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Sales and marketing

Sales and Marketing

B2B Sales and Marketing leaders should evaluate adopting these 5 Sales and Marketing Strategies to achieve more:

The phone rings out, the emails pile up, people are on holiday, but a new potential customer is considering to engage with you. The first step is to group these and make sure they are the right fit.

1. Delivering Commercial Insight:

The Challenger marketing model challenges the traditional model to align marketing and sales, creating a collaborative marketing and sales strategy that creates a cohesive and smooth customer journey without a marketing and sales disconnect.

2. Use The Challenger model:

The idea is to incorporate both the sales and marketing teams to enhance the efforts of both teams and provide insights at all touchpoints, both human and digital. Building a cohesive strategy between the two teams not only helps generate qualified leads but moves customers through the buyer stages, creating brand loyalty and increased revenue. The main thing is to make sure you have the right amount of touchpoints and nurturing tactics. You need to know who is doing this, generally sales must insure they are doing the human touchpoints along side the marketing outreach.

3. Collaboration between B2B sales and marketing.

We all know communication is key for bettering any relationship in your life and that stands true while communicating with your marketing and sales teams. Consistent communication between these two teams is essential to not only generating quality leads but to deliver valuable insights along a buyer's journey.

"No matter how the CRM industry evolves, getting the sales and marketing teams to synergise is goal number one. Every success grows from their collaboration and free exchange of ideas, because you can't serve the customer right when your best people are working blind."

"Encouraging lead alignment sessions around the customer journey with marketing and sales leaders will help generate high-quality leads and maximize revenue growth."

Marshall Lager

4. B2B Sales and Marketing platforms join forces

The most effective way to integrate marketing and sales teams is to leverage platforms that connect marketing leads with sales opportunities. More specifically, a platform that captures marketing leads by campaign source and then seamlessly scores, qualifies, and alerts the appropriate business development representative.

Integrating and configuring your marketing automation and CRM platforms, marketing and sales teams can deliver on the customer experience at every touchpoint along the way.

5. Nurturing leads in sync with buyers' journey

When marketing strategies are in alignment with customer's expectations, there's a greater volume of quality leads that will make their way from awareness to purchase.

However, when there's a gap between these teams, there's a disconnect that usually results in lost revenue. For example, "Leads that come from online marketing materials close about 25% of the time, and leads that come in from sales - without the help of marketing - close at a rate of 1.5%". When the traditional sales funnel is swapped with a sales and marketing buyer journey, there's room to improve sales-ready leads.

Consistent goals and metrics Without clearly defined and shared goals, alignment is challenging at best. It takes a commitment to collaboration, defining common goals and it takes hard work.

Begin with how you will define and measure:

  • Scoring inbound leads
  • Marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Sequencing of human and digital touchpoints
  • Service levels for responding to leads
  • Marketing contribution to closed won opportunities

Understanding the shifts in the buyer journey and how to adapt B2B sales and marketing strategies are critical to evolving in our world of constant disruption.

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