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Lead Nurturing - How Do You Nurture Leads?

How Do You Nurture Leads
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What is Lead Nurturing?

What is Lead Nurturing

Sales usually won’t happen on the first meeting with your potential customer, even if they are qualified, most of them just aren’t ready to buy. Through lead nurturing, you stay in touch with your prospects and will know when they’re ready to purchase. According to studies, lead nurturing is a cost-effective way to increase sales opportunities by 20%. Safe to say that nurturing the leads should be a part of your business marketing plan.

In optimizing sales opportunities, lead nurturing can also help in maintaining a successful relationship with potential customers. By engaging and educating them on your products and services, you are providing value and building brand awareness. It's a powerful marketing strategy that transforms prospects into customers by polarizing your brand from the competitors.

Traditionally, customer journeys focus on the sales perspective. But, as the sales funnel management changed over time, the addition of lead nurturing techniques has concentrated on the buyer’s perspective. Nurturing the leads starts by pointing out the problem or opportunity to your prospects. Once they realize that they need a solution, they will consider looking for your products and services. Perhaps, they will spend time reading your content and reviewing the business, but they're still hesitant to make a purchase so will likely research your competitors.

How to Acquire Loyal Customers?

How to Retain Loyal Customers

When the prospects have already gathered all the information they need, the decision-making process will begin. This is an important part of lead nurturing know as post-purchase marketing. It's the perfect time to show that you're providing the best solution that can make their lives easier, at exactly the right time.

Once you have had some sort of initial meeting with the prospect you need to pitch to close the deal. If this is done in person or on zoom there are tactics you can use to help persuade the prospect. Get the prospect to agree with you by asking the right questions. Label them as a type of person which is what drives the reason they will buy. Let's say your product or service saves people time, e.g:

"You seem like the kind of person who wants to make efficiencies, is that right?".

When they agree with your statements you can then look to relay potential efficiencies your product or service can offer. Then ask them they agree they are in fact substantial efficiencies, by their own omission they are now a good fit so you should ask if you can get the deal signed there and then.

How to Retain Loyal Customers?

How to Acquire Loyal Customers

Customer relations should not stop after the purchase. If they feel you've gone beyond helping them, then be guaranteed that they will somehow promote your brand to their family, friends, and social media. Not only do you acquire a loyal customer, but you can use the most powerful marketing strategy – word of mouth.


To convert prospects into buying customers, you can use different lead nurturing campaigns. From personalized email drip campaigns, social media marketing, blogs and content posts, newsletters, or sales calls. You can try our B2B Lead Generation Software Tool to help you with generating more sales by maximizing upselling opportunities for your business. The tool uncovers your website's business visitors, at the beginning of the buying stage which allows you to connect before your competitors even get a look in!

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