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5 Reasons why Dynamic Leads can increase your website's ROI

increase your website's ROI
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5 Reasons why Dynamic Leads can increase your website’s ROI (return on investment)

Many companies invest heavily in attracting visitors to their websites.  Google Adwords (soon to be Google Ads), content marketing, videos, and offline marketing efforts all attract website visitors. Dynamic Leads began because we wanted to facilitate getting more leads out of your marketing spend and therefore increase your website's ROI.

  • You’ve probably thought about:
  • Who is visiting my website;
  • What pages are my visitors looking at;
  • How long are they looking at the product/ service for?

And until now, you may have made various conjectures as to whom all those visitors were. Your guessing can now end; Dynamic Leads uncovers these mysterious visitors; and those that return multiple times (and look at a particular product or service). The highly engaged visitors, that visit a few times for a decent amount of time are, ipso facto, likely to be interested in the offerings on the website.

If you get this kind of information to your sales function, they’ll be able to give prospects the information they need to make a decision before competitors even know they exist!

The Data is Out There:

In today’s data-driven world, almost anything can be achieved with the right toolset. Every time a business, government, or other public company uses the Internet all the non-personal business information is obtainable from the Internet service provider. Many companies like Dynamic Leads use this type of data for analytical reasons. If you’re able to identify a particular product or service your business visitors are looking at, you will be able to prospect buyers at the beginning of the sales cycle.

1. Reason one is prospecting buyers at the beginning of the sales cycle

Visitors looking at your websites have already taken a step into your sales funnel, it is just a lot of the time you are not aware, only 3% of website visitors leave their details.

Imagine turning your website into a high-street shop or store. If you can see the visitors on your website, just as if they walked into your shop, you can give your visitors that extra special knowledge when they walk in/ surf in!

2.  Turn your website into an Augmented Reality – kinda’

You might think the visitor may get put off by this – but if they have a problem and you have a solution, then you will be doing them a favor by giving them the best knowledge and service in your industry.

3. Reason three is highlighting when old clients that you may have disengaged with, are back in the game! AKA Reacquiring Customers

Want to check out Harvard Business Review about getting your old clients back – and whether it is worth it!? Check this out: Winning Back Lost Customers.

Not only will we show you the brand new clients coming to check your website out, we can show you when your long-lost clients return. If you have a list of dream clients or clients you want back from  a competitor; then knowing exactly when they are in the market can work wonders. Aiming a strategy and touching base at exactly the right time will give you the edge, and increase your website's ROI.

4. HEY, BIG SPENDER! (AKA: Increasing AOVs)

You will know how much your clients are spending with you, but are there more opportunities to be had? Companies often have multiple products or services in their repertoire. Find out when your current clients are interested in other things your offer. See below for the biggest spenders on Google Adwords, notice how Apple isn't in the top 10!


It is likely that when these 10 companies visit Google AdWords, Google starts laughing, all the way to the bank. The fourth reason we are liking this a lot recently at Dynamic Leads HQ. Increase your AOV by up-selling the products your clients are interested in, but are not currently ordering. With this level of detail, you can get the most out of your current clients. This angle of how Dynamic Leads can increase your website's ROI is really useful for all the Account Based Marketing companies out there.

And lastly, the big finale, the grand show of fireworks, the coups de grâce:

5. We build a database of beautiful information with key metrics and sales information you might want when your company gets sold, expands, or has a huge marketing drive!

Never underestimate the power of data or a sales database.  Could you be starting a marketing campaign in 5 years' time?  Will the company get sold or will it employ a new hungry salesperson? New investors might think of this database as invaluable, or a hungry salesperson would think of all the leads as Golddust! It is time to save your visitors' data.

Imagine a list of companies that have expressed a need for what you offer. #B2BGOLDDUST you might say!

Want to see for yourself? Dynamic Leads

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